VHS mode in Youtube

Not sure if a late Easter egg, a passing joke or a permanent feature (would be fun), but Google gives us again the opportunity to play around with the common things on the internet.

This time comes all through Youtube. A new feature was added to the player of Youtube: the “Tape Mode”. You click it and your image will seem like an old VHS-cassette-like video. Quite nostalgic, I would say. I just discovered it watching some Ellen videos (I admit it, goddamit, that woman’s jokes are funny for me), and discovered this one with Steve Carell (better if you watch it in Youtube‘s website):

The legend says that they do it because of the 57th Anniversary of the commercial realease of the first VHS cassette. Well, quite a random number for me, but anyways. Not all videos have this feature. Apparently you just have to randomly find them too. Buuuu!!

Oh yeah, click “Pause” and it will keep the old effect of the cassette. These hipsters are everywhere with the electronic vintage effects. First their instagram, now this. I don’t think is gonna last, but I’d activate it for fun only.

Find a nice video and give it a try!

The worst case of Homophobia in Mexico

Agustín walks down the streets in California. He is clearly sad, scared and tired. He has been escaping because he just wanted to reveal himself as what he is, but he has no money, no food and no family with him; yet, he represents the worst case of Homophobia in Mexico.

The teacher Agustín Estrada Negrete, holder of a PhD on Education, began as principal of “Centro de Atención Múltiple” (CAM) in Ecatepec, one of the poorest and most populated communities of the State of Mexico. He started with almost nothing and created a well organised education center for mentally challenged children. Besides that, looking at the poor conditions of the inhabitants, created workshops and gave resources and tools to the neighbors, so they could start their own business. He gave even from his own money to improve the conditions of the school and started a program to give education to elderly and parents. He was active and hardworking in the community helping every time he could.

By 2005 the Institutional Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Institucional, PRI), looking at the big influence of the professor in the community, asked him to support the Candidate for the Governance. Perhaps Agustín saw good proposals and a charismatic and young Candidate, so he accepted and helped him. The candidate for the PRI won.

In May 17th 2007, he was invited by the Human Rights Coordination to a rally at the International day against Homophobia. He went there on support and dressed up as in the movie “The Birdcage” making public his sexual preference.

Teachers under his charge were horrified at his opening and brought an action against him arguing that he had a wrong behavior and is a bad example for the community, but the community didn’t care about his preferences, they only saw a good professor and wanted him with them. The teacher replied with a complaint at the “National Council against Discrimination” but nothing was done.

He then goes to a meeting with the Governor of the State in the University of Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl exposing his case on the off chance that the Governor could review his case of injustice and help him, as he already knew the teacher and his reputation, besides he was helping him in his Campaign. Continue reading


Alejandro Cuétara is one of those talents in Mexico that are still not in big billboards but suddenly can appear in a big and massive production as the leading role, and that wouldn’t be surprising, due to his fluency while performing. He’s an actor with a trajectory mainly in TV, where he has been also a host in nationwide shows like ¿Quién dijo yo?, a mexican version to Whose line is it anyway?

The following is a video that made viral because of the hilarious performance of Cuétara, where he personifies a “chilango” trying to hit on a girl but doing the worst mistakes and saying the most stupid comments, the complete performance of a douche bag.

Just let me tell you that the video is in Spanish and unfortunately there are no subtitles to it, but if you can understand a bit then you’ll also find it funny.

¡Pinches nacos!

Mexico City beaches

It is Easter and Mexico is known for its strong religious involvement these days, but it’s even more well-known for its availability for parties. Unfortunately, not many people are able to get along with the expenses of going party all days.

However, the long weekends in Mexico (also known as “Puentes”) are the perfect excuse to go out, travel and enjoy what the country has to give. The most popular places to visit are always the beaches and they have always the highest incomes in “Puentes”.

Is it true that everyone is going to the coast? Well, actually not. It is true that big cities as Mexico City are commonly left immediately once the break starts, but not everybody has the money to afford a trip with the family, and remember that Mexican families are not small. So, how do Mexicans solve it and go to the beach? The bring the beach to the city!

The actual head of the Gobernment of the Federal District, Marcelo Ebrard, started a program in 2007 denominated “Vamos a la Playa”, where artificial beaches are built in the holidays integrating even sand brought from the closest beaches.

In these artificial beaches many activities are integrated like sports, games, competitions, etc. The entrance is affordable for most of the population and even in some cases is totally free. That’s why these places are mostly visited by the persons in the middle-low and low earning societies.

Following is a funny video of Motel Diablito, a show featured in the Cable TV Channel “Exa TV”, where its presenter gives us a hilarious introduction to the “Artificial Beaches” in Mexico City. It’s not in English, but the solely watching worth it totally.

And the second part:

The cholo cavemen

It is true that some times the animal instinct comes to the surface in the most intense moments of our lives, but some times it is just enough and we don’t really know when are we crossing the limit. But that happens normally when we are 3 or 4 years old, not when we are supposed to be mature and aware of our reality.

Mexican people are well known because of their friendship and their warm treatment with others. And in most of the cases is true, it is a real characteristic of Mexicans. So, that’s why I can say for sure that the following video does not represent what is going in Mexico. Yes, it is unfortunate what is going on in this shit called “War on Drugs” but it is something that Mexicans are strongly dealing with, and it’s done without losing hope.

But what I’m presenting now is a video with chicano cholos. Say whaaaat? Well, I’ve never seen this show and never had any interest. It seems to be another talk show, where punches and cat fights are the usual shit. Apparently the name of the show is “Jose Luis sin censura”, and uses the same topics and context as “Laura en América”. This video shows only how the men are fighting each other.

Morbid fascination, indeed, watching this kind of crap, but actually this is how most of the Mexican people can take some interest in something. I just wanna make clear that these guys are NOT Mexican, they are mostly chicanos and, in a majority, cholos.

For a better definition of these two labels (cholos and chicanos) you may choose some other literature. I will also explain that culture in future posts, but by now I can say that they are individuals born and raised in the United States with a Mexican heritage. Yes yes, this kind of cholos are also in Mexico but they are truly a minority in the country.

I decided to name this post “The cholo cavemen” because… well… they are. I can not affirm that all cholos behave like here but it is very probable that they do. I also can not say that all chicanos are like here because I know they aren’t.

Fuck! This kind of shit is unfortunately what the majority prefers to have as an entertainment in the Latin-american culture. Then if you have some pleasure watching how fake cases and stupid programs turn into an amok of slaps, kicks and punches among troglodytes, you may enjoy the following shit.

And as the internet wisdom says: “Gossip and talk shows are like eating junk food. We know it is a total shit but we can not just stop consuming it”.

FX guy of the day: Rick Baker

Anyone in the film business can tell who this guy is. He’s just a living legend and a freaking mastermind of our times. He has already 40 years in the FX industry and his achievements are almost as impressive as his creations. He was first known for the low-budget film “Schlock”, where he was in charge of an amateur costume… which turned out to be very realistic and of high-quality. This gave him the opportunity to work in “The Exorcist”, and it started his fast rising.

He has been 7 times Awarded with the Oscar for “Best Make-up”, and gave his inspiration and work for productions such as “King Kong”, “Star Wars”, “An American Werewolf in London”, “Harry and the Hendersons”, “Men in Black”, “Planet of Apes”, “Hellboy” and even “Thriller” from Michael Jackson.

He is one of the few, who see the beauty of horror, the beauty in a scary face, the beauty in a disgusting creature from the worst Nightmares. He is an expert in arts, design, paint, sculpture and (my favorite) Animatronics. All that without CGI. His work along these years was one of the reasons I study Robotics. He is THE MAN.

Truly a living legend and the inspirations of millions around the world, including me. Do you remember those real life Heroes you wanna meet when you’re a kid? He’s one of mine.

The walking dead

A police car approaches from the horizon through a rural road. It stops in a crossroads and a brown dressed policeman leaves the car walking toward us carrying a little gas tank in his hand, while the shot of the camera opens revealing a catastrophical scene where cars are burned and crushed. The policeman walks slowly looking around and bodies are discovered inside the cars. They are there for days. Flies and stench are obvious elements in the orgy of smashed cars.

The policeman stands in front of a sign stating “No Gas”. Disappointed walks back when hears a light sound behind him. He crouches down behind a car trying to not to draw attention. It’s just a girl.  She slowly picks her teddy bear up and walks almost silent away from the cars.

The recovered guy in brown tries to talk, he shouts at her and the girl stops without hesitate. She turns around revealing a destroyed face with dark rotten blood dripping from the remaining of what is supposed to be the jaw. There are no lips nor color in her face, just teeth covered in blood and saliva. The face doesn’t have pain, it is full of rage.

Slowly walks the girl in the direction of the gunned officer, who by now shows sadness and pity. The girl accelerates in an attacking action. The gunman aims her head but still doubts whether he shoots at a girl or not…

Pum! A shot destroys the head of the flesh-eating-non-living girl, who falls immobile on the spot, covered in the blood of her own guts and head.

What the fucking shit!!! Continue reading


La palabra Deuce (pronunciada Dius) proviene del francés “Deux” que significa “Dos”. Actualmente se usa en el idioma Inglés para referirse a los naipes con el número 2. Igualmente se usa en el Tenis para indicar cuando se necesitan dos puntos seguidos para ganar un partido… o algo así, no le entiendo al Tenis.

Como en los naipes el número 2 es el valor más bajo (en la mayoría de las modalidades de juego de cartas) se toma esta referencia para hacer saber que algo casi no tiene valor, como por ejemplo “it’s only a Deuce” que significa “solamente es un Dos” en tono despectivo.

Coloquialmente, se usa en la expresión “What the deuce?” como sustituto de las ya muy populares “What the Hell?” y “What the Fuck?“, sobre todo en Inglaterra. Incluso, si se tiene la posibilidad de ver la serie Padre de Familia en el idioma original, se podrá apreciar que Stewie Griffin repite mucho la frase en lugar del WTF, cuando se sorprende.

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Frases Homéricas

Ajá, corregida y aumentada. Os presento, mis perrillos, la lista de las frases más aclamadas de un excelente filósofo. Y las frases más relevantes que sacarán adelante nuestra vida no las da un cabrón que vivió de la mota (no mucho) ni que se chingaba libros tras libros. No es un Voltaire consumado ni tiene el don de la palabra como García Márquez, pero siempre siempre ha tenido en sí esa idea de sobrevivir a cualquier costo y con un valemadrismo tan chingón que inspira. Lo siento, nenas, no es mexicano (eso quisieran, la neta) pero influenciados por esa cultura gringa, creo que su filosofía de vida es relevante en cualquier sociedad y la verdá muchos quisiéramos vivir como él.


Les hablo del buen y apreciado Homero Simpson (no el Elmer) quien en cada momento nos arranca carcajadas y carcajadas, un filósofo consumado. La neta a muchos ni les agrada, tons que ni las lean. Muchos fanáticos de Los Simpson las reconocerán y chance les saque una sonrisa, son las mejores situaciones que a mi parecer hay en la serie. Pues, mis chamacos, aquí les dejo una parte de sus más grandes frases célebres que ha mencionado en más de 20 años de existencia. Obviamente hay muchas más, pero he aquí lo que pude recoger: Continue reading

El Mundo de Beakman

¡Aquí va!

Es hora de vapulear su memoria. Aquí está el califa de la Química, el alguacil de la Botánica, el David Crown del despierta y anda, el verdadero, el único, eeeees ¡Beakman!… Lo lanzo, lo ensarto ¡es una rumba!

Así empieza una sección de la popular serie noventera que muchos han de recordar. Se trata de “El mundo de Beakman”. Un show que se hizo popular en varios países. Se produjo y transmitió por parte de la CBS desde 1992 hasta 1997. De ahí, muchos países lo siguieron transmitiendo continuamente. En México solía pasar por Canal 11.

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