The walking dead

A police car approaches from the horizon through a rural road. It stops in a crossroads and a brown dressed policeman leaves the car walking toward us carrying a little gas tank in his hand, while the shot of the camera opens revealing a catastrophical scene where cars are burned and crushed. The policeman walks slowly looking around and bodies are discovered inside the cars. They are there for days. Flies and stench are obvious elements in the orgy of smashed cars.

The policeman stands in front of a sign stating “No Gas”. Disappointed walks back when hears a light sound behind him. He crouches down behind a car trying to not to draw attention. It’s just a girl. ¬†She slowly picks her teddy bear up and walks almost silent away from the cars.

The recovered¬†guy in brown tries to talk, he shouts at her and the girl stops without hesitate. She turns around revealing a destroyed face with dark rotten blood dripping from the remaining of what is supposed to be the jaw. There are no lips nor color in her face, just teeth covered in blood and saliva. The face doesn’t have pain, it is full of rage.

Slowly walks the girl in the direction of the gunned officer, who by now shows sadness and pity. The girl accelerates in an attacking action. The gunman aims her head but still doubts whether he shoots at a girl or not…

Pum! A shot destroys the head of the flesh-eating-non-living girl, who falls immobile on the spot, covered in the blood of her own guts and head.

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