When prankers don’t prank

Youtube is an amazing (relatively) new tool in Internet. Besides kittens and music videos, the website will throw countless viral videos every day.

Pranking is one of the most famous concepts for a channel in Youtube, and there are already famous people doing it for some time. Their channels have hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers, which shows how succcessful they are.

But recently these famous channels have done something different. They know that their videos are seen by millions around the planet, so they decided to offer something different than just pranks: Philantropy. Just a simple act that can inspire.

I think is a great idea. These guys are known worldwide because of their pranks and millions watch every step they do. Well, now some will be inspired by a single 5 minute video.

Simply by coming with these ideas once in a while, it reminds us that we can also go out of our routine and inspire, if not millions, at least to the ones around us. This really restores faith in humanity, because shows that anyone can help at any time. Continue reading

VHS mode in Youtube

Not sure if a late Easter egg, a passing joke or a permanent feature (would be fun), but Google gives us again the opportunity to play around with the common things on the internet.

This time comes all through Youtube. A new feature was added to the player of Youtube: the “Tape Mode”. You click it and your image will seem like an old VHS-cassette-like video. Quite nostalgic, I would say. I just discovered it watching some Ellen videos (I admit it, goddamit, that woman’s jokes are funny for me), and discovered this one with Steve Carell (better if you watch it in Youtube‘s website):

The legend says that they do it because of the 57th Anniversary of the commercial realease of the first VHS cassette. Well, quite a random number for me, but anyways. Not all videos have this feature. Apparently you just have to randomly find them too. Buuuu!!

Oh yeah, click “Pause” and it will keep the old effect of the cassette. These hipsters are everywhere with the electronic vintage effects. First their instagram, now this. I don’t think is gonna last, but I’d activate it for fun only.

Find a nice video and give it a try!

Epic Meal Time

I recently discovered this channel in youtube and let me tell you, boy, it’s the first time I would say NO to food. Goddamn, ya! Epic Meal Time is a series of short episodes in youtube featuring host Harley Morenstein, where he and his friends create the most bizarre food including as much calories as possible.

I like to eat and I do it when there is food available. Yes, many can say that I’m a pig because I eat a lot but I do it slowly, no rush. Even though, I eat everything… or at least I thought that before until I saw these videos of Epic Meal Time. They are cooking the weirdest and most disgusting meals that I’ve ever seen. So full of meat, so mixed, so heavy, so fat that some times I just feel sick. I wouldn’t gladly eat from their recipes.

EMT started in Canada a couple of years ago but now they are doing their videos in Junk-food-land (no offence intended) where some personalities are joining them in their crazy kicking-ass meal times. They mix some times cake with bacon, chicken, bread, etc. Every junk food that you can imagine and they eat it afterwards, of course. GTFO!

But we all like it because there is nothing sexier than watching hot girls getting nasty and swallowing the hot baked meals of bacon, cake and chicken, right? Well, the next video presents the Fluffy guy Gabriel Iglesias going down to the cake again trying to beat his stomach with some hardcore action. Could he defeat that epic meal?

Bon appétit!


La verdad no sé la historia de este tipo. Simplemente reconozco que es altamente molesto y, sin embargo, entretenido. Tal vez es el morbo lo que me mueve a ver sus videos, sus reacciones, ¡la forma de hablar! Parece una niña de 10 años de familia disfuncional. Eso es Fred.

Actualmente es un fenómeno de la internet y una estrella en el Youtube. Si no lo conoces entonces has vivido debajo de una piedra. Aún así, para todo aquel despistado, les dejo un par de videos molestos de este tipejo:

Fred va a nadar:
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