Mexico City beaches

It is Easter and Mexico is known for its strong religious involvement these days, but it’s even more well-known for its availability for parties. Unfortunately, not many people are able to get along with the expenses of going party all days.

However, the long weekends in Mexico (also known as “Puentes”) are the perfect excuse to go out, travel and enjoy what the country has to give. The most popular places to visit are always the beaches and they have always the highest incomes in “Puentes”.

Is it true that everyone is going to the coast? Well, actually not. It is true that big cities as Mexico City are commonly left immediately once the break starts, but not everybody has the money to afford a trip with the family, and remember that Mexican families are not small. So, how do Mexicans solve it and go to the beach? The bring the beach to the city!

The actual head of the Gobernment of the Federal District, Marcelo Ebrard, started a program in 2007 denominated “Vamos a la Playa”, where artificial beaches are built in the holidays integrating even sand brought from the closest beaches.

In these artificial beaches many activities are integrated like sports, games, competitions, etc. The entrance is affordable for most of the population and even in some cases is totally free. That’s why these places are mostly visited by the persons in the middle-low and low earning societies.

Following is a funny video of Motel Diablito, a show featured in the Cable TV Channel “Exa TV”, where its presenter gives us a hilarious introduction to the “Artificial Beaches” in Mexico City. It’s not in English, but the solely watching worth it totally.

And the second part: