About me

Also known as “that guy who loves tacos”, I’m a Mexican guy living in Munich, I’m a Roboticist thanks to the Technical University of Munich. I love it.

Enchanted by History (most of all from Western Europe and Mexico), I always set my mind free while traveling and discovering new cultures.

I cannot live without my guitars around (in Munich I bought one, even before a bed), and recently discovered a certain attraction to team sports, especially Rugby, although I’m a declared fan of Muay Thai.

Strange, but I love everything about Robotics, Music Composition and History. These three must be somehow present every day of my life (and coffee).

I think you don’t need to know any little details about me besides the things you can discover reading my lines. This blog is to share all interesting and/or helpful personal things that I get to know in my daily life.

Just read the posts and you’ll notice more things about me. Don’t be angry if you can’t understand, Mexicans use to play with the language, and I tend to do it in the ones I speak.


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