The Fluffy guy

George Lopez, Paul Rodriguez, Cheech Marin, etc. are names that probably the US might know very well. The “Latino” comedy is one of the most demanded nowadays in the United States.

Mexican comedy and Mexican-American comedy, though they share many characteristics, are remarkable different and have their special kind of humor. While in Mexico the comedy is based in impressions, pun and wordplay; in the US the Mexican-American comedians base their humor in the auto-critic, the adaptation of the Hispanic societies and the stereotypes of the Mexicans in general.

Beaners, laziness, wetbacks, drunkenness, cholos and a lively use of the Spanglish are constant topics on the Latino Comedy shows. Even when it all started big in the 70’s for the Hispanic comedy, I personally think that George Lopez is the guy who put Chicano comedy on the billboards and gave a big impulse to it in the last years. Thanks to him, millions consider the Mexican-American comedy one of the funniest.

For Mexicans it’s no problem to make fun of ourselves, we do it all the time. However this Chicano comedy is not often appreciated in Mexico, most of all because it is done in English.

Gabriel Iglesias is “a comedian that happens to be latino” as he describes himself. He is an extremely funny guy if you are already familiar with the Chicano comedy and if not… well, he is still funny. In his case, due to his excess weight, he makes fun not only of his Hispanic heritage but also of his overweight and does it in a really amusing way using all the available sources.

Of Mexican descent, the US citizen comedian gives an accurate and funny impression of the difficulties that a Mexican-American use to have in the daily experience in the US. He is one of those talents that are always worth to watch, even for the European audience, who want to have another impression of the minorities living in the country of the junk food, as Gabriel properly shows calling himself “Fluffy”, a polite way to avoid “fat”.

The sound effects,  the impressions, the funny faces, the high-pitched noisy voices and the sometimes tipsy talks are his hallmarks and he uses them with a mastered talent for comedy. This cake-lover is also known because of his simple personality and his approachable character, where nobody is free of his jokes and nobody is avoided to know him personally.

I just can not stop watching his videos.

The cholo cavemen

It is true that some times the animal instinct comes to the surface in the most intense moments of our lives, but some times it is just enough and we don’t really know when are we crossing the limit. But that happens normally when we are 3 or 4 years old, not when we are supposed to be mature and aware of our reality.

Mexican people are well known because of their friendship and their warm treatment with others. And in most of the cases is true, it is a real characteristic of Mexicans. So, that’s why I can say for sure that the following video does not represent what is going in Mexico. Yes, it is unfortunate what is going on in this shit called “War on Drugs” but it is something that Mexicans are strongly dealing with, and it’s done without losing hope.

But what I’m presenting now is a video with chicano cholos. Say whaaaat? Well, I’ve never seen this show and never had any interest. It seems to be another talk show, where punches and cat fights are the usual shit. Apparently the name of the show is “Jose Luis sin censura”, and uses the same topics and context as “Laura en América”. This video shows only how the men are fighting each other.

Morbid fascination, indeed, watching this kind of crap, but actually this is how most of the Mexican people can take some interest in something. I just wanna make clear that these guys are NOT Mexican, they are mostly chicanos and, in a majority, cholos.

For a better definition of these two labels (cholos and chicanos) you may choose some other literature. I will also explain that culture in future posts, but by now I can say that they are individuals born and raised in the United States with a Mexican heritage. Yes yes, this kind of cholos are also in Mexico but they are truly a minority in the country.

I decided to name this post “The cholo cavemen” because… well… they are. I can not affirm that all cholos behave like here but it is very probable that they do. I also can not say that all chicanos are like here because I know they aren’t.

Fuck! This kind of shit is unfortunately what the majority prefers to have as an entertainment in the Latin-american culture. Then if you have some pleasure watching how fake cases and stupid programs turn into an amok of slaps, kicks and punches among troglodytes, you may enjoy the following shit.

And as the internet wisdom says: “Gossip and talk shows are like eating junk food. We know it is a total shit but we can not just stop consuming it”.