Song of the day: Harmageddon – Apocalyptica

More than a song, it is actually the melody of the day: Harmageddon from Apocalyptica is one of the first singles of the band and it is simply good when it comes to put your mind in a state of trance. I use it to study and it works for me. The rythm and pace of it awake my brain and fill it up with strong bass notes created by the cellos of these metal-lovers. Hmmm… Check it and convince yourself.

Song of the day: Do you feel it? – Joe Cuba Sextet

My barrio, my beautiful barrio. This song makes me think of the old 50’s – 60’s Pachuco style with TinTán. The overstyled Zoot suits, the puns, the nostalgic voices singing in a dark bar, while the sadness is drunk away with a nice cold strong whisky, or maybe a cigar puts the mood, I don’t know, I can’t explain, just feel it… do you feel it?

Song of the day: Be my man – Asha

Her artistic name is actually Aṣa but is pronounced “Asha”. Thanks to some strange paths that I follow listening my music (in other words: Spotify), I discovered this nigerian singer and Oh boy! I love her voice. I invite you to check more material from her, she has some pretty nice songs, the musical production and her voice make a perfect match in her style. Very joyful songs indeed.

This time I would like to share the song “Be my man”. Well, I won’t dedicate it to any person, but would be nice if some girl sings it to me the way Asha does. Huuuuh! The music is simply great and the rythm is highly contagious. It makes me wanna dance and sing it again and again.

Say youhuhuhuhuuuu!!

Song of the day: She’s not there – The Zombies

The vintage era sounds nowadays in my head. It all started with “Time of the Season” from The Zombies, and from there I started to make a big circle around that nice 50’s – 60’s rock era.

Oh my! Getting excited I increased the list with The Monkees, Tommy James & the Shondells, The Yardbirds, Janis Joplin, The Animals, Fats Domino… huh and the list goes on and on.

After listening along my memories, I ended up with the Zombies again. This song is punching in my head and makes me wanna jump and shout. Well, just gonna let you listen to this classic: “She’s not there” from the Zombies:

Naquito Abroad: The Oktoberfest Challenge

Finally my first video of “Naquito Abroad” is out. And after days of editing, I finally got some material out. The language of that series of videos is most of the time Spanish. But, as in my other videos, you can find the subtitles in English. Actually, a big portion of the video is also in English (when I was rambling in the tents of Oktoberfest).

This is the product of a day in the biggest Beer festival in the world. I show you here the history and organization of the Oktoberfest, so you can have a look into the event as everyone else.

For a deeper and more detailed information of it, you can read it (although in Spanish) in my other post “Bienvenido al Oktoberfest“.

So, come this year, but in the meantime, Proooooost!

Song of the day: Piensa en mí

It seems that Agustín Lara has been one of the favorite composers of the most-renowed tenors. His songs have been sung countless times by Plácido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, Fernando de la Mora, Alfredo Kraus, Rolando Villazón, Juan Diego Flores, José Carreras, Andrea Bocelli, and the list goes on and on.

This time I want to share a performance that happens to be very original for me. Recently, Roberto Alagna has released a new album called “Pasión”, where he pays tribute to some of the most appasionate songs from Latin America. As probably you might have guessed, some songs from Agustín Lara are present in this album. The first track is also the one that gives the name of the title of this post: “Piensa en mí”. There is actually a video released for this song from Roberto Alagna, which I post following:

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Song of the day: Matando Güeros – Brujería

Today is a special day and I want to share one of the funniest songs. Many people might not understand it, but there is a band named “Brujería” (“Witchcraft” in Spanish) that has some powerful songs. This is a Gore Metal band, so don’t expect it to be a pussy-ass rock. It is heavy and brutal.

Now, the thing here is that they have very cool songs, that are not supposed to be taken seriously. That is an important part of their  personality as a band. Their lyrics are surrealist, as they are also part of this cruel music and raged feeling while playing. They sing in Spanish or Spanglish, as the band was created mainly by Mexicans (or Chicanos).

The song today is “Matando Güeros” which means “Killing Blondes”. This song gave the band a big success worldwide because of the lyrics, but most of all because of the cover of the album. A bit crude for sensible eyes, it shows a partially burned head being held in the middle of the album cover. It is about Mexicans calling to arms and kill blonde people in the United States. Continue reading

Das Lied des Tages: Te quiero, dijiste – Maria Grever

Manchmal schreibe ich auf Deutsch, aber jetzt will eins der besten Lieder, die ich immer genieße, teilen. Maria Grever war eine der produktivsten Komponisten ihrer Zeit. Sie hat u.a. „Júrame“, „Despedida“, „Alma mía“ und viele anderen Werke komponiert.

Jedoch möchte ich heute das Lied „Te quiero dijiste“ übersetzen und hier mitteilen. Manche Leute nennen das Lied auch als „Muñequita linda”; beide sind richtig. Viele Künstler haben verschiedene Versionen des Lieds gemacht, wie Plácido Domingo, Linda Ronstadt, Alejandro Fernández, Nat King Cole, etc. Meine Lieblingsversion? Ja, von Rolando Villazón.

Ein Paar Bemerkungen zu machen: An erster Stelle, Deutsch ist nicht meine Muttersprache, deswegen bitte ich deine Hilfe, ob du etwas unklar liest. Schreib mir und ich kann es korrigieren. An zweiter… ich hab’s vergessen.

Oh ja, an dritter Stelle, es ist keine wörtliche Übersetzung. Es gibt Ausdrücken, die nicht ganz gut auf Deutsch klingen, und ich hab’s ähnlich auf Deutsch versucht. Für diese Ausdrücke kannst du eine Erklärung am Ende finden.

Na ja, dann geht‘s los! Continue reading

Song of the day: Fallaste corazón – Pedro Infante

The mexican culture has still some bits of “Machismo” in it, but is actually double faced. The Machos are people unable to be in contact with their feelings and try to set a screen, so when they are faced with their feelings, they react in very bad ways.

In the mexican society, the Machos are allowed to cry for 2 things only: family and women. And the way to do so is always singing and drinking. You can see it in almost every classic film of Mexico’s Golden Era, where a broken-hearted man sings to his beloved woman in sadness.

I found it always funny, and instead of making me sad or something, always made me smile. Beginning the year I felt a bit homesick and started to sing lots of Mexican songs, being Chavela Vargas, Vicente Fernandez, Antonio Aguilar, and many others a constant reminder of my culture.

Cuco Sánchez composed “Fallaste Corazón” (You failed, heart) many years ago, and several artists have made great covers of this song. Personally I think Chavela Vargas gave the best performance with her amazing voice and feeling. Damn! You can even feel her pain while she sings! Moving!

Anyways, we Mexicans have some weird ways to overcome tragedies, but it actually works 🙂 “Fallaste corazón” is dedicated to the heart of a Macho, yeah, the heart. And the Macho is mocking at his own heart. Yeah, bit weird, right? But this is one of the thousands of expressions you can find in Mexican songs.

Here you have one of the most entertaining performances from Pedro Infante “The idol of Mexico”. He sings the song as it should, with sadness, taunt, anger and passion. Subtitles are included in the video:

Ay ay ay!

Song of the day: Criminals in Uniform – Sepultura

After the tragic days of the Presidential succession in my Mexico, I got full of anger and impotence as I saw how again the “controllers of chaos” were indiscriminately attacking protesters and making random arrests among population.

Thus, this time the song of the day is for them, the Criminals in Uniform serving powers that look at the control over the population rather their security.

I know public forces in my country are meant to serve the population and I strongly support my national heroes in the Police and the Army; but for those traitors attacking my people, I must tell you that I’ll be back for all of you. In the meantime this is your song:

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