Song of the day: Ciel, che feci – Guiseppe Verdi

Two weeks ago I was in one of the best concerts ever in my life. I got my ticket since early February and it was one of the last ones. That event is one of the most famous in Munich. It is part of a complete weekend with classical music.

It’s called “Klassik am Odeonsplatz”” that literally means “Classic at Odeonsplatz”, which is a square in downtown Munich surrounded by beautiful architecture and a nice atmosphere. It takes place every summer and the most remarkable artists of classical music perform in an Open-Air concert.

This year was awesome not only because Yannick Nézet-Séguin was directing the orchestra and Thomas Hampson was the leading Baritone, but also because my favorite tenor Rolando Villazon gave one of the most powerful and amazing performances I’ve heard from him. And yeah, I was there.

The final duet with Hampson and Villazon singing Verdi’s “Dio, che nell’alma infondere” was stunning. But, for me, what really got the night was the final solo performance of Villazón, when he stood in front and sung “Ciel, che feci” from Verdi’s Oberto. And it’s obvious that he was going to sing Verdi, as nowadays he’s promoting his latests work, which goes around him.

Huh! I have goosebumps just remembering. Amazing, that’s the word to describe his interpretation. After that I just stood up and burst into applause with all my energy. But stop reading about it. Watch his great performance in the following video from 13:38.


Naquito Abroad: The Oktoberfest Challenge

Finally my first video of “Naquito Abroad” is out. And after days of editing, I finally got some material out. The language of that series of videos is most of the time Spanish. But, as in my other videos, you can find the subtitles in English. Actually, a big portion of the video is also in English (when I was rambling in the tents of Oktoberfest).

This is the product of a day in the biggest Beer festival in the world. I show you here the history and organization of the Oktoberfest, so you can have a look into the event as everyone else.

For a deeper and more detailed information of it, you can read it (although in Spanish) in my other post “Bienvenido al Oktoberfest“.

So, come this year, but in the meantime, Proooooost!

Rolando Hoffmann

After my failed attempt of going to “Les Contes d’Hoffmann” in the National Theater, I’m convinced now that I have to go and watch these two super amazing performers. Most of all because of the energy in Rolando Villazón. I could stay here saying how much I admire that man, but… you can see it in this video. It doesn’t matter if you can not speak German, Rolando is enough expressive.

A sincere smile

Yes, today there was one of those moments that make my day in the end. Huuuuuh chulada! After being around 11 hours in the University and doing most of the time the god damned exercises of Machine Learning I decided to go downtown and walk a little.

After going to the bank and buying some train tickets I just was in the mood to walk. And thank God I did it! Right there in the exit of the U-Bahn station I started to hear some nice piano music. When I was already out, a guy was playing a big fucking piano in the streets. Yes, a grand piano! The guy was a long haired young man but he was playing really good and a bunch of people were around him. He was playing Chopin, I think.

I had to remove my earphones in order to enjoy it. The guy was really inspired and the people were there listening in this good moment right outside Galleria Kaufhaus in Marienplatz. After he finished a couple of songs I left in the direction of Stachus.

But in the way, even with my earphones back and with DLD at full blast, I could notice another great sound: Jazz. Fuck yeah! A jazz band was playing outside C&A and it sounded really good. The jazz was not so quiet and relaxing, it was more like a Cecil Taylor style, with the pianist hitting the keyboard with energy and creating crazy sounds through the wide scale of octaves. Continue reading

Bienvenido al Oktoberfest

Tiempo atrás ya había oído hablar del evento. En Querétaro es organizado uno cerca de la UAQ por la comunidad alemana de la región. Nunca fui. Leí un poco sobre eso mientras estaba en México y descurbrí que el año pasado también fue el bicentenario del Oktoberfest. De hecho llegué a Alemania en los últimos días pero nunca pasé a Múnich, llegué direcatmente a Berlín. Este año vivo en Múnich, desde Abril, así que me preparé mejor para recibirlo.

Precisamente el 15 de Septiembre me compré los Lederhosen y los zapatos de cuero para combinar y estar bien vestido para el evento. Lo sé lo sé, no es obligatorio, pero es más divertido. Son caros, eso sí, pero es lo único que me voy a llevar a México. Es lo único tradicional, así que hay que comprar unos de buena calidad (o al menos no tan chafas).

Todos saben que entrar a una tienda es un desmadre y piorrrr es el tratar de encontrar una mesa, pero al menos se le puede intentar. Este año el Oktoberfest inició el Sábado 17 de Septiembre. En la celebración mexicana del 15 de Septiembre me puse de acuerdo con otros dos amigos latinoamericanos para llegar desde la mañanita a apartar lugar. Grave error que después lamentaré.

Tenía mucha hueva, la noche del viernes salí y me desvelé. Llegué a casa a las 3:30 am más o menos. Me desperté a las 6 a tomar un baño rápido y me cambié. Lo bueno es que vivo a dos estaciones de metro del Oktoberfest. Podría irme caminando pero me tomaría como 25 minutos y además soy flojo. Para las 7 am ya andaba llegando al Theresienwiese, el lugar donde es el Oktoberfest. Continue reading