Song of the day: Granada – Agustín Lara

Aaahh, Agustín Lara! that romantic skinny, also known as “El flaco de oro” (the golden skinny). One of the most prolific composers of his time.

Worldwide known is the way he composed in the name of love (specially that impossible love) with masterpieces like Solamente una vez, María bonita, Piensa en mí, etc.

But also very well known is his love for Spain, where many of his songs are specially dedicated to its cities: Murcia, Madrid, Valencia, etc. becoming the songs that are now part of their heritage.

However, there is one song that stands out: Granada. The favorite of many tenors and one of the most sang worldwide. Why? Power, I would say. Granada is passion and courage, is the voice of love for our land, love for our people. Granada is a proud moment to sing for ourselves.

My personal choice was to put Plácido Domingo‘s version. No better tenor could feel this ‘mestizo’ passion than the one born in Spain and raised in Mexico.

Song of the day: Piensa en mí

It seems that Agustín Lara has been one of the favorite composers of the most-renowed tenors. His songs have been sung countless times by Plácido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, Fernando de la Mora, Alfredo Kraus, Rolando Villazón, Juan Diego Flores, José Carreras, Andrea Bocelli, and the list goes on and on.

This time I want to share a performance that happens to be very original for me. Recently, Roberto Alagna has released a new album called “Pasión”, where he pays tribute to some of the most appasionate songs from Latin America. As probably you might have guessed, some songs from Agustín Lara are present in this album. The first track is also the one that gives the name of the title of this post: “Piensa en mí”. There is actually a video released for this song from Roberto Alagna, which I post following:

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