Song of the day: Matando Güeros – Brujería

Today is a special day and I want to share one of the funniest songs. Many people might not understand it, but there is a band named “Brujería” (“Witchcraft” in Spanish) that has some powerful songs. This is a Gore Metal band, so don’t expect it to be a pussy-ass rock. It is heavy and brutal.

Now, the thing here is that they have very cool songs, that are not supposed to be taken seriously. That is an important part of their  personality as a band. Their lyrics are surrealist, as they are also part of this cruel music and raged feeling while playing. They sing in Spanish or Spanglish, as the band was created mainly by Mexicans (or Chicanos).

The song today is “Matando Güeros” which means “Killing Blondes”. This song gave the band a big success worldwide because of the lyrics, but most of all because of the cover of the album. A bit crude for sensible eyes, it shows a partially burned head being held in the middle of the album cover. It is about Mexicans calling to arms and kill blonde people in the United States.

Now, don’t be alarmed. As I said, it is a surrealist song intended to entertain. How do I know? Well, two main points: First, this usually happens everywhere in the Metal Rock scenario, where anything is an excuse to be rebel and brutal. Good thing it happens in music and nowhere else… right?

Secondly, have a look at the people playing in Brujería. Yeah, most of them are US-born citizens, maybe not “güeros” (blondes) but they have no real reason to kill anyone nor calling anybody to arms. And to put it even more ironical, some of their members (and former members) are actually blond, like Jello Biafra, Billy Gould, Patrick Jensen (Swedish), Adrian Erlandsson (also Swedish), Nicholas Barker, Jeffrey Walker and Shane Embury (these last three are actually British).

Yeah, it is all about having fun. How can you irritate people? Pick the most delicated topics and play with them. They’re not even Satanic, just talk about it to tease and provoke. You can be rebel, shout and disturb the social behavior with a bunch of words, just because it is possible. They did it and big, because the head displaying in the cover of the album containing the song was subject of a scandal started by a Spanish-speaking TV station in the United States. The people in this TV station were horrified by the album cover and decided to relate it to the assasination of a person in the US, whose case was not solved.

Brujería said nothing, they declared nothing, and let the scandal grow. The police were even more attracted to the case, involving the FBI. Thank you TV, you did it again. The head turned out to be the picture in a sensationalist magazine from Mexico City: “¡Alarma!“, but the scandal was already done and the head was famous now. It reached such a fame that the band decided to adopt the imaginery of the head as their icon, and named it as “Coco Loco”, like the Eddie from Iron Maiden.

Enough chit-chat, the post is about the song. And following is a video of “Matando güeros” with the cover and blurring the head (in case you have a very weak stomach). You know you can find the lyrics and the translation at the end. And remember, Mexicans don’t want to kill any güero, but we have fun and we sing things like “Matando Güeros” as part of this fun. Creepy? Maybe, but fun.

Spanish English
Gabachos nos usan pa’ limpiar sus culos.

Nos tratan como mierda de puerco.

¡Tengan huevos y sean hombres!

Un pinche viaje al norte.

Siglos pasan y nuestra raza se jode.

Cabrones gabachos, nos dan verga y miada,

forzados a la pobreza, somos pinches mayates.

Tu venganza será tu destino oscuro.

Matando güeros – ¡Viva la raza!

Matando güeros – ¡Estilo Pancho Villa!

Matando güeros – ¡Satanás te cuida!

Matando güeros – ¡Matando güeros!

Machete en mano y sangre india caliente.

Fuerza satánica, buscando venganza.

Al norte nos vamos a ponernos a mano.

Matando güeros – ¡Viva la raza!

Matando güeros – ¡Estilo Ricky Ramírez!

Matando güeros – ¡Satanás de cuida!

Matando güeros – ¡Matando güeros!

Machetes, pistolas, fierros,

mata un güero, acepta las leyes del diablo.

Venganza para nuestra gente.

Te meto un pinche garrote en la panza, cabrón.

Ven pa’ca, ven pa’ca, cabrón, te mato, güero.

Así ¡Viva México, cabrón!

Gabachos use us to wipe their asses.

They treat us like pig shit.

Have balls and be men!

A fucking trip to the north.

Centuries pass and our race is fucked up.

Motherfucking gabachos, they give us dick and pee.

Forced into poverty, we are fucking faggots.

Your vengeance will be your dark destiny.

Killing blondes – Long live the race!

Killing blondes – Pancho Villa style!

Killing blondes – Satan takes care of you!

Killing blondes – Killing blondes!

Machete in hand and hot native blood.

Satanic force, looking for vengeance.

To the north we head and will take over.

Killing blondes – Long live the race!

Killing blondes – Ricky Ramirez style!

Killing blondes – Satan takes care of you!

Killing blondes – Killing blondes!

Machetes, pistols, metal sticks,

Kill a blond, accept the devil’s laws.

Vengeance for our people.

I put a fucking iron in your belly, motherfucker.

Come here, come here, motherfucker, I kill you, blond.

Like this. Long live Mexico, motherfucker!


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