A sincere smile

Yes, today there was one of those moments that make my day in the end. Huuuuuh chulada! After being around 11 hours in the University and doing most of the time the god damned exercises of Machine Learning I decided to go downtown and walk a little.

After going to the bank and buying some train tickets I just was in the mood to walk. And thank God I did it! Right there in the exit of the U-Bahn station I started to hear some nice piano music. When I was already out, a guy was playing a big fucking piano in the streets. Yes, a grand piano! The guy was a long haired young man but he was playing really good and a bunch of people were around him. He was playing Chopin, I think.

I had to remove my earphones in order to enjoy it. The guy was really inspired and the people were there listening in this good moment right outside Galleria Kaufhaus in Marienplatz. After he finished a couple of songs I left in the direction of Stachus.

But in the way, even with my earphones back and with DLD at full blast, I could notice another great sound: Jazz. Fuck yeah! A jazz band was playing outside C&A and it sounded really good. The jazz was not so quiet and relaxing, it was more like a Cecil Taylor style, with the pianist hitting the keyboard with energy and creating crazy sounds through the wide scale of octaves. Continue reading