Song of the day: Júrame – María Grever

The song is a masterpiece of one of the best Mexican composers: María Grever. She was born in León, Guanajuato by the end of the XIX Century. When she was young she was really into music and she was even studying with Claude Debussy. As a trend of the time, she was composing many pieces for films.

Actually her passion were “Boleros”, so she was very prolific at them but unfortunately was not so famous until her classic song hits the radios: “Júrame”. It is well known that the most skilled tenors in the world love this song because of its versatile movements and strong sounds, but most of all because of the passion in it. Lately Plácido Domingo was singing it in almost all of his concerts.

It is the story of a man asking to her beloved to swear him that she will never forget him. That’s why the name of the song: “Júrame” (“Swear to me” in Spanish). The guy just asks for a final second of love with a kiss and a promise, the promise of being someone important in the memory of the girl he loves. Well… actually, because it is in first person, it doesn’t specify if it’s a guy or a girl. It is just a gigantic love between two persons, a love that leads to madness and desperation.

Nowadays the “Plácido Domingo of our times”, Rolando Villazón gives an interpretation that entirely shocks me. It is really stunning to hear this song in his voice, so, here it is:

Todos dicen que es mentira que te quiero,
porque nunca me habían visto enamorado.
Yo te juro que yo mismo no comprendo,
el porqué tu mirar me ha facinado.

Cuando estoy cerca de ti estoy contento,
no quisiera que de nadie te acordaras.
Tengo celos hasta del pensamiento,
que pueda recordarte a otra persona amada.

Júrame, que aunque pase mucho tiempo,
no olvidarás el momento en que yo te conocí.
Mírame, pues no hay nada más profundo,
ni más grande en este mundo,
que el cariño que te di.
Bésame, con un beso enamorado,
como nadie me ha besado,
desde el día en que nací.
Quiéreme, quiereme hasta la locura,
así sabras la amargura,
que estoy sufriendo por ti.

Amazing! Isn’t it?


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