Song of the day: None of us are free

It is undeniable that the partnership made of Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil has brought a lot of successful songs that, even if we are not aware of it, show the enormous inspiration in the couple. This time I wanna share a really good piece of music that I discovered thanks to Solomon Burke, the Gospel King, who got me since the first sounds of this impressive song.

The song is “None of us are free” and it was first recorded by Ray Charles in his 1993 Album “My World” along with Eric Clapton. That version has the characteristic sound of Ray with a formidable instrumentation and a groovy sound that makes you enjoy the powerful voice of the Master and kick the floor with the sound of Slow-hand.

By 1997 Lynyrd Skynyrd, the southern rock band, that I love because of its interesting sounds made also their version. I don’t know, it is good, but I will always have in my mind the sound of the 70’s LS. I like it, I repeat it, but for me it is not the best version.

But hey! Which is my favorite? The Burke’s version. My god! Solomon Burke made an impressive inspirational performance with it. I think it is the first time that this song is sung with the proper feeling. Just listen, boy. Place your chair, get your shoes off, open a window and let the air hit your face, because Pastor Burke is going to praise the word of Music!

Listen to that organ, the picking guitar, the strong deep voice and the smashing feeling. Listen, just listen and shout it to be free, to freed your chest and jump, or cry or laugh. I don’t know but give this song the proper homage and enjoy it.

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