Song of the day: Kumbala – Maldita Vecindad

In the last stressful days I’ve been hearing a lot of mexican songs and remembering my youth and first steps into the national rock. Well, this time I wanna share something totally diferent… ??? It all began many years ago when “La maldita vecindad y los hijos del quinto patio”, best known as “Maldita Vecindad” came with their original and very rhythmical pieces mixing ska, mexican sounds, arab melodies and powerful rock. The result? Classics!!

I saw them once when I was a kid and even had the chance to be backstage with them, such a fucking great people!! Nowadays the guys from “la Maldita” are not very active and there are no concerts scheduled, but if they come to Europe I’ll be there for sure and no matter what!

Ok ok, the song. This time the song is an unusual sound from rock, but a very fucking classic from the band. Is a cuban “danzón” with a passionate rhythm that carries sadness because of the Love that has been lost. The lyrics just recreate the scene in the “Kumbala” bar, where the couples go to heal their broken hearts, describes the passionate slow motion of the bodies crying through their hands and feet, dancing with the sound of a melancholic trumpet. Questions the presence of the almighty Sun, trying to be the protagonist of the Passion in Kumbala, where the love will always belong to the night.

Slow but sexy, painful but delightful, close and warm… Welcome to Kumbala.

Spanish English

roja es la luz, luz de Neón

que anuncia el lugar:

“Baile Kumbala Bar”

y adentro la noche es

música y pasión.



no entiendes lo que pasa aquí.

Esto es la noche,

y de la noche son

las cosas del amor.

El corazón a media luz

siempre se entregará.



todo el ambiente huele a mar,

Mucho calor, sudores en la piel.

Sudor sabor a sal.

Y en la pista una pareja

se vuelve a enamorar.


Una risa, una caricia,

y en la pista una pareja

se vuelve a enamorar.


Un sabroso y buen danzón,

a media luz el corazón

y en el “Kumbala” todo es

música y pasión.


red is the light, neon light

that advertises the place:

“Baile Kumbala Bar”

and inside the night is

music and passion.



you don’t understand what happens here.

This is the night,

and from the night are

the things of love.

The heart in subdued light

will always give away.



all the atmosphere smells of sea,

a lot of heat, sweat on skin.

Sweat tastes like salt.

And on the dance floor a couple

falls in love again.


A smile, a caress,

and on the dance floor a couple

falls in love again.


A delightful and good danzon,

in subdued light the heart

and in the “Kumbala” everything is

music and passion.

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