When prankers don’t prank

Youtube is an amazing (relatively) new tool in Internet. Besides kittens and music videos, the website will throw countless viral videos every day.

Pranking is one of the most famous concepts for a channel in Youtube, and there are already famous people doing it for some time. Their channels have hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers, which shows how succcessful they are.

But recently these famous channels have done something different. They know that their videos are seen by millions around the planet, so they decided to offer something different than just pranks: Philantropy. Just a simple act that can inspire.

I think is a great idea. These guys are known worldwide because of their pranks and millions watch every step they do. Well, now some will be inspired by a single 5 minute video.

Simply by coming with these ideas once in a while, it reminds us that we can also go out of our routine and inspire, if not millions, at least to the ones around us. This really restores faith in humanity, because shows that anyone can help at any time.

Suart Edge

Not very known as pranker, but more as a guy using magic tricks to pick up girls. This time he uses magic to make the day of the homeless.


Maybe not a very practical way to do it, but this professional pranker just made himself a human jackpot and gave away all his change in a creative way.

An even better, if you really want to surprise the receiver, remain anonymus for them and throw a prank to your favorite pizza place then…


Vitaly is a pranker of russian origin that hunts around in Miami Beach, but one day he decided to make the day of a homeless guy next to the road. Some extreme makeover to give him a chance to recover and the necessary things to do so.

The power of the viral videos is doubtless and immesurable, like what happened with Ted Williams “the golden voice” and his little 10 seconds in internet that gave him a new life.

Of course, giving a like doesn’t make me a Mother Theresa, but the concept of bringing such stories to the mainstream makes people remember that there are others in the need for an opportunity, for a hand that pulls them out; and that power of internet was shown in the channel of other famous prankers: the whatever channel.


Sheikh and Adam are known for daring each other to prank on the streets of New York City. But the big apple has a plethora of personalities and conditions; among them, of course, the homeless are around and most have very though days; but these two guys are here to make them smile

Believe it or not, these guys, natural prankers, started a worldwide trend of “make the homeless smile”:


Andrew Hales is specialized in awkward situations, but there is nothing awkward with his tips, only a good heart (and a cameo of the other pranker Stuart Edge). They don’t need to be homeless to get some help. A little recognition for their efforts, that’s all.

Timothy DeLa Ghetto

Even if you don’t have money or help to offer, you can make a better world just by being nice and demonstrating it to the people you see around, just as Tim shows here. You don’t need anything to be nice.

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