Los supercívicos (The supercivics)

It is always a joy to watch shows like these. In part makes me feel good and also makes me go out and do the “right thing”. Feels good.

SuperCivicos logo

The first time I saw this show was, I think, 5 years ago. It was transmitted in a nationwide TV station (Tv Azteca) but it was unfortunately cancelled after some episodes.

I don’t know if they didn’t get enough audience or they were just cancelled by a bigger boss. Years later, was transmitted in the cable television network 52MX, but then cancelled again. They said due to budget problems, but it’s kinda weird because they became No. 1 show in a couple of weeks… no budget for success?

They are back and with an increasing audience, because since their beginning in 52MX, they also updated their videos in Youtube, where they became suprisingly famous in a couple of months. Continue reading

Barbacoa de chivo

Silverio Palacios is a motherfucker! But in the coolest way, like “chingón” in Mexican Spanish. Perhaps due to his phenotype, but the guy has made some very memorable roles in the Mexican cinema, such as the Cucaracha Brothers in “El Infierno“, Gabino in “La otra familia“, Leserio in “Sultanes del Sur” or even “Silverio” in his first leading role at “Acorazado“.

Maybe some films were not that good, but Palacios always gave a gladly demonstration of acting. Most of his roles depict a poor, short, toasted and mustached guy… the average Mexican. He is not the tall and blond guy that in many Mexican movies are trying to sell. No, this is the average Mexican with the same attitude and the sharping personality.

But this time I wanna share one of my favorite performances of him. The following short film is named “Barbacoa de chivo” (“Barbecue of goat”) and belongs to the movie Cero y van cuatro, a film with 4 different shorts describing the daily life of the inhabitants in different parts of Mexico City with a very acid humor.

Barbacoa de chivo relates the story of a poor man looking for some money because he needs expensive medicines for his daughter, who unfortunately has Cancer. As his family lives in poverty and he is unemployed, he decides to do something extreme about it… a hit in the church. In Mexico that is still considered a very heavy crime by the people and it is highly punished in the most uneducated communities, leading some times to lynching.

But the story in this short is delivered with a high black humor, as usual in Mexican comedy. What would happen when a honest and righteous man turns against the church in order to save what he loves the most?

¡Que chingue a su madre!