La otra familia

Well, this is a mexican movie, that unfortunately I have not watched, but it seems really interesting. Perhaps in Mexico these kind of topics are not openly discussed, because the society is still a bit conservative. The same happened with “El Crimen del Padre Amaro“, a story about a catholic priest having an affair with a woman of his parish. It was scandalous because it was a topic that remained as a taboo, women cried, young Catholics tried to boycott the movie outside the cinemas, priests condemned the producers and cast, and even with some influence they couldn’t stop people trying to watch how Gael García nailed Ana Claudia Talancón.

This time the mexican cinema gives us another taboo-topic: Families of homosexual parents. But unfortunately this time the conservative societies (really influential and powerful people in Mexico) could diminish the impact in the country. I was not anymore in Mexico when it was premiered, but from all my contacts and friends there… no one noticed this movie in the cinemas. It seems, that the movie was not released in enough cinema theaters and it was really fast showed.

Why? The movie has a great cast like Jorge Salinas (“Amores Perros”, “Sexo, pudor y lágrimas”), Ana Serradilla (“Déficit”, “Los inadaptados”), Carmen Salinas (“Todo el Poder”, “Man on fire”) and even Silverio Palacios (“Sultanes del sur”, “El Infierno”). The story is really good and invites the audience to think about the concept of Family…

I agree, that the classical concept of the family has been working so far, a man and a woman, but in the same way it has many failures and the humanity should take and keep the main goal of “family”: common love. For me it doesn’t matter if a family is made by gay parents. It doesn’t matter! Anyone is free to love, and giving a child to a gay couple is not a problem. The kids are not confused, c’mon! Why do we treat kids like stupids? They will not go run and kiss everyone in the mouth.

We can daily watch scenes of fights, assaulting, violence and even killing… but, then all our kids will kill each other? Of course not! But anyways… I’m going out of topic.

I just wanna recommend people to watch this movie. Give it a chance, family is not made by straight parents only, families are made of love and it doesn’t matter who gives or receives… it is already there.

Too bad the movie is only in Spanish, so far I have not seen it here in Europe, but if I do… I definitely would watch it.

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