Los supercívicos (The supercivics)

It is always a joy to watch shows like these. In part makes me feel good and also makes me go out and do the “right thing”. Feels good.

SuperCivicos logo

The first time I saw this show was, I think, 5 years ago. It was transmitted in a nationwide TV station (Tv Azteca) but it was unfortunately cancelled after some episodes.

I don’t know if they didn’t get enough audience or they were just cancelled by a bigger boss. Years later, was transmitted in the cable television network 52MX, but then cancelled again. They said due to budget problems, but it’s kinda weird because they became No. 1 show in a couple of weeks… no budget for success?

They are back and with an increasing audience, because since their beginning in 52MX, they also updated their videos in Youtube, where they became suprisingly famous in a couple of months.

The supercivics is a Mexican show that goes around a group of guys living in Mexico city, who feel responsible to restore the order in the chaotic city, by exposing the law breakers in the city.

In their first concept they were wearing superhero clothing, but it was not very practical; besides they were also a bit aggresive in order to drag the immediate attention (for example, walking on cars if they were parked on the pedestrian lines).

But nowadays, they are acting by first advising the law breaker to change their behavior, then exposing, afterwards warning and then acting.

Because the superhero costume was not as functional as expected, they change their concept to handle many different impersonation (hunters, cubans, cowboys and even Jesus) adding humor to the show.

HTUP logo

This independient producer group has been named “Houston, we have a program” (Houston, tenemos un programa) and their goal is to offer sketches that expose the people disturbing the peace of the city (HUGE challenge) and the malfunction of the Government. They do this through parodies and taunts, that mexicans love to do every time.

I have not seen something similar in Germany, and I’m glad to see it in Mexico, so citizens can finally realize why are they wrong with such behavior.

They don’t offer the solution in a detalied way, they are not politically correct and neither are “nice guys” with the disrespectful ones, but it is maybe what the city needs to wake up.

HTUP has its own channel in Youtube, where you can watch their confrontations and parodies. Besides, their updates are in Twitter and Facebook.

Glad to see something like this getting known in the country.

The cavemen of the subway station

A bunch of cavemen show the citizens that they must always use the left side of the stairs, and that’s why there is a division in the stairs.

Mountaineering on the bridge

On the bridge, there is the possibility to walk next to the cars on the sidewalk. The only problem: it is 20 cms wide and in bad shape. Let’s see if the supercivics can do it.

After this video, the Government of the City expanded the sidewalk to a proper size.

Christ vs Lamborghini

An agency of the famous sport car company, decided to use the sidewalk to show their cars, so levaing the pedestrians without a free space to walk. Jesus arrives and moves the cars with some help of the police.

Hunting urban pigs

People just don’t get it, and they simply litter everywhere. So, the french hunters of urban pigs are hunting them, obsering their behavior and trying to get their reasons for being such pigs.

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