Again back to the hood!

Hey, bandita!

Well, new surprises are coming. I finally got rid of the University duties by now and have some time to invest in some new projects. Of course I will start to share all of them here. You know this creepy mind runs at different speed and in many ways.

By the moment I’m just gonna let you know that video is highly involved in these new activities. Finally I can give some more visual material as I was planning from the beginning. I hope you all like it and please give some feedback. In the beginning will be slow as I gain some experience but please don’t be desperate. I’ll be updating constantly and giving again some tips and other sections will be back. Oh yeah, baby, the old school is back!

Now I have the support of many persons and I’m getting some cool ideas to apply. The visual material will be mainly in youtube and vimeo, but I’ll tell you the details later when the stuff is done. Well, wait and see, banda.

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