My top Vai songs

This post is intended to be a completely personal point of view. Steve Vai was (and still is) a big influence as I was a kid trying to put some beautiful noise through my guitar.

Time has passed and I still enjoy listening to his music. He is a complete musician with a priviliged ear and fingers. Of course, he was a guitar freak since his early years, practicing and practicing every time, but either way he became an endless source of creativity and talent.

Chit-chat is done. The thing is that here I present my 7 (magic number) favorite songs of Steve Vai, just for you to know and (in a desired case) also respond with your favorite ones from him. Tan ta ra raaaaaaa!!: Continue reading

Metal for cyber-babes

It sounds maybe stupid but well, I was growing up in the 90’s when the hairy metal became massive and commercial (with bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, etc.) but actually it started way before and I dare to say that it was already commercial in the middle 80’s when I was born.

Anyways, Metal has been seen as a style played only by the toughest and most violent guys in the Earth. From this we can extracted way more styles that we can all appreciate as a good Metal, such as Speed, Gore, Thrash, Hair, Glam, Black, Industrial, Doom, Nü, Grunge, Neo-Classical and even a fucking Christian Metal. But still, there is a common in all this bands: Testosterone.

However, Metal has been spreading slow but strongly into many societies and levels. Where are the girls? Well, there are girls but no so known yet, unfortunately. Female metal singers have been showing up lately and are now an important part of gigantic bands like Arch Enemy, Therion, Detente. In the same line we can find even bands formed by girls only, like the Iron Maidens, Kittie, Tijuana Sweetheart, and many others.

But this post is not for the girls with albums and defined musical careers, this post is for the girls that play what they want and become the heart breakers of thousands in the net. This post is for the metal girls that rock our screens and speakers, the rock chicks, the heavy metal babes… Continue reading