Song of the day – Who am I (OST)

I found it hard to pick one single song, actually, and not because they’re not good enough. They are, but their combination makes it even better.

This time I go out of my usual taste. I’ve never been fan of electronic music. Everyone knows that. However, I recently watched the german film ‘Who am I – No system is safe‘ and, besides a good story, the film features a great soundtrack.

It start with the main theme Alarm, originally made by Boys Noize, and is followed by other themes by Fukk Offf, Carpet and Royal Blood.

This is the kind of soundtrack that exactly fit that insane notion of artificial adrenaline hitting your head while coding at 3:00 am… or am I the only one experiencing it?

Egal! Please have your dose of Who am I:

Song of the day: Tres heridas

In these last days I’ve listening to many thing really different than my usual styles. And lately I re-discovered Kinky, a mexican band of electronic music. They became famous in Mexico around 5 years ago with hits like “¿A dónde van los muertos?” or “Sound tha mi primer amor”.

But nowadays, listening to their material I found a song that is always in my head: Tres heridas. It is not a heavy song but since the beginning with the counting I just feel the need to dance. Few songs do that to me. So… let’s dance!

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