Song of the day: Cold Gin

Long time since I don’t speak about KISS, my favorite band of all times. You all know how I love KISS and how I started to write the KISStory in Spanish. Yes, it is around there but I stopped right before the release of Dynasty.

Anyways, this time the song of the day deserves to be Cold Gin, a simple but melodic classic 70’s rock song. It doesn’t need a big orchestra or a complete instrumental arrangement to create a banging mood, and I mean “banging” in all possible meanings.

The song was written by Ace Frehley for the first album of KISS but sung by Gene Simmons because Ace was still shy about his voice

By the way, have you listened to the cover from Pantera? Everyone knows that Dimebag Darrell was HUGE fan of KISS, most of all a big fan of Ace Frehley and he really takes the song in his hands to create another rock smashing song. Why Cold Gin? Because it was his favorite song of all times…

Cold fuckin’ Gin, motherfucker!