Mexican-American comedians

It’s no secret that the Chicano community is quite huge and one of the most complicated societies in the world, not only by their heritage, but because they always try to fit in the United States, while preserving their Mexican roots.

There is no easy analysis from this, but there is always something distinguishable from the Chicanos: comedy. Mexicans are brought up surrounded by laughter and celebration at any time (including Death), and that is one of the biggest legacies to the Chicanos.


Comedy in Mexico and in the US has been so different all this time. Living in Mexico you will get used to a “white” comedy during your early days or in a familiar basis based in puns and physical comedy. As grown-ups, the comedy of puns turns very sexual and some times dirty. In the US, I can imagine is different, depending in the community you were raised.

Nowadays the Mexican-American comedians are becoming very famous in the United States and having an incredible amount of fans all over the world. Why? Because they are not playing the “Mexican” card anymore. They are not talking about “how is to be a Mexican in the US”. Their comedy is about a regular life and they say it so. An easy sentence is given by Gabriel Iglesias: “I’m a comedian, that happens to be latino”. And that’s it, the label “Mexican” dissolves and doesn’t matter anymore.

More Mexicans or fewer in the US, doesn’t change the fact that the society is already merging and exchanging traditions and cultures, so we can know each other in a funnier way. Following is a list of my favorite Mexican-American comedians… or should I say Beaner-Gringo comedians? Laugh, my friend, this is another excuse to get to know more about Mexicans:

Gabriel Iglesias

The fluffy guy. Gaining millions of fans at an incredible speed. This chubby pal has a lot of laughter and his simple lifestyle makes him one of the funniest guys these days.

George Lopez

Already THE legend in the Chicano community. George Lopez is the symbol of the Mexican-American man, and the hispanic comedy symbol. Mixing Spanish and English (The master of Spanglish), George is the living “american dream” in comedy. Although he still uses his point of view as a Mexican in the US for his comedy, his act has been very attractive to the other communities, bringing the Mexican lifestyle to the mainstream of the US.

Paul Rodriguez

The only one that actually was born in Mexico from this list. Paul Rodriguez lived everything as an immigrant in the US. He got his big success on late 80’s and mid 90’s. He is now a legend and all Mexican-American comedians owe a lot from his style.

Louis CK

Raised in Mexico until he was 7 years-old. He gives another perspective and other look of a “typical” mexican. His comedy goes around his life as a divorced father and the unpleasant details crossing in front of the tired life of a guy in his age, facing the stupidity of the “developed world”. An average white guy. Never uses the Mexican card, but when asked about his origins, always causes a big impression. Louis CK a Mexican? Well, yeah, and actually his ways of living and relating experiences sound pretty Mexican with the boredom and exhaustion of being a “responsible adult”.

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