Song of the day: Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen

Last night I went to a concert with Charlotte, after days without a good rock. I think that’s what I needed. It didn’t help at all to my throat but I was there shouting as it should be. I enjoyed it a lot, not only because of the company (a really good rocker girl), but because the music was really energizer.

I have to confess that I didn’t hear of them before (I think) but I’m sure I heard a couple of songs from them before. Whom? “The Subways”, a British band of alternative rock, well… I mean explosive. I wish I could know the songs before so I could shout them out loud, but I did it anyways.

It’s kinda weird to jump between germans and sing together in a common foreign language. But well… the song of the day is “Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen” from the Subways and it was included in the soundtrack of the movie “Rock n Rolla” from Guy Ritchie, a movie that I really enjoy.

If you dedicate this song to a woman and she accepts to be your Rock n Roll Queen, then you are a fucking lucky man.

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