5 books to comprehend the Day of the Race


October the 12th is not remembered in America as a jolly holiday. For millions of people from the Arctic in Canada to “Tierra del Fuego” in the Strait of Magellan, this day is the beginning of a suffering persisting today. Continue reading

Naquito abroad!

Good day, my people, this time I want to share with you the trailer of a new project I’m starting. This 2013 I decided to record my adventures around Europe for you to see what can you find in these places.

As I’m going to live it totally with the Mexican mentality that I have, I decided to name it “Naquito abroad”. Naquito is the diminished word in Spanish for “naco”, one of the many interesting subcultures of Mexico. A naco is basically a person without cultural background nor proper education. Well, I wouldn’t consider myself as uneducated, but I do consider myself as an apprentice in this world. Besides, I take it in the funniest way.

“Naquito abroad” will be my personal videodiary in all these journeys. I hope you like it and you feel attracted to visit those places. I’ll offer certainly lots of information (historical and cultural) about the places I’m going to. I’m gonna meet new people, and most of all, I’m looking forward to have fun here.

Thank you very much for watching. Feedback is always welcome and Happy new year!

10 000 sing the Ode to Joy

It is always impressive to listen to a powerful voice, such as the Opera singers. As you might know, I’m an Opera lover and is one of my favorite music styles.

This time I wanna share this video with you, it is a Choir with 10 000 singers from Osaka and Sendai, singing along with the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra. They recorded this amazingly beautiful version of the 9th Symphony of Beethoven, better known as the “Ode to Joy”, which is now the European Anthem.

The performance was directed by Yutaka Sado and it was dedicated to the memory of the victims of the tsunami. Just have a look to the video. I would really love to be in that concert!