Igor Presnyakov

I first met this guy time ago when I saw a couple of his videos in internet. I thought “this grandpa has some passion”.

Huh, boy! Igor Presnyakov is not only that guy of the videos. He is HUGE, I mean it in the musical way. He became famous alsmost instantly and no doubt why! He is a virtuosos with the rare capacity of making very good covers with an acoustic or classical guitar. Excellent dude and big talent! Just check him out!

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Song of the day: Classical Gas

This classical song was composed by Mason Williams a long time ago. I remember it was one of the first songs that impressed me, because of the clean sound in a classical guitar. I was really young, maybe 5 or 6 years and the song was one of my first in my personal  collection. I even had it in the cassette, and the cover gas a standing classical guitar in a faded blue background with the big letters: “Classical Gas”.

I remember hearing it. I was once and again doing it because Williams hooked me into his sound from the first notes. The time was passing and I even forgot the name of the song but the sound was still in my head.

Years later I found it again with the name and since I like to hear it many times, maybe because I remember my innocent days, I don’t know, but I really like it.

This is the version of Tommy Emmanuel, the picking Master. I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist to share this version.

Awesome, right?