Song of the Day: Casa Mexicana – Fanko

Plástiko was a young ska group of the new Rock wave originated in Mexico in the last 30 years. This band, originally from Jalisco, released 5 studio albums since their debut in the year 2000, being “Mondo Groovy” the most successful.

Sadly, after some years they split and each person followed a different path.

But recently three original members reunited for a new project called “Fanko”, which rescues the sounds of Plástiko, and adds musical maturity, along with fresh instrumental voices. You can easily notice their renovated vibe.

Today I was listening to a new song: Casa Mexicana. It is definitely an experiment, a lively mash of sounds with the familiar voice of Jaffo Lara, and the funky lines of the Santillanes brothers. It is an excuse to dance and shake the booty, while listening a homage to the Mexican nature, the untamed land and its balanced existence with the original inhabitants. Too hippie? Just dance it then. It won’t hurt 😉

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