Visual Navigation for Flying Robots

Free lectures! Free courses on-line! Free! Free!

Got your attention? I’m like spam.

So far, so good. It has been a year since I decided to get fully involved in this field of Computer Vision, and hasn’t been easy, but I gotta say it is full of surprises. My University has been strongly doing some research about it, and a proof of that is that the 3D Computer Vision course given in Coursera is actually done by a Professor in my university (tho in German). So, I think we’re moving quite strong.


My curiosity took me to the Computer Vision chair of the Informatics Department at the TUM and I think this semester they completely got me, as I’m planning to get the 3 lectures given there: Visual Navigation for Flying Robots, Multiple View Geometry and Machine Learning for Robotics and Computer Vision. Robotics, Machine Learning and Computer Vision! Makes my mouth water. Huh! Beautiful.

The flying robots lecture got my attention at first glance, as some colleagues took it last year and told me that it applies every interesting topic given in our previous courses. Perfect. I wanna apply it and see what I’m able to do.

However, it’s gonna be tough, as I’m not so familiar with ROS and I have to be nearly expert in C++. I’m not a Master on it. Another excuse to learn more and more. Challenge accepted. Bring it on!

And after this new Philosophy of Open Courses online started a couple years ago, the so-called MOOCs, the TUM (and especially the people of Informatics) are uploading the lectures, so everyone can learn from there.

Following you can see the video of my first lecture in Visual Navigation for Flying Robots. This is a real lecture, I was there and you can learn the same topics at the same pace as we do. Material? Slides and exercise sheets are available in the lecture’s website. Let’s control drones by means of Image Understanding:

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