The playlist of the nerds

It is like a spell to get my attention, and work perfectly. Jazz music and the concepts of Numerical Computation, Machine Learning and Image Understanding might seem very difficult to mix, but it happens and it is entertaining as nothing else.

First of all those topics entertain me a lot and, being a big fan of Jazz, I actually love the many people try to involve the listeners to my passions, like if they know what I like and put them together for me. For sure many people feel like me.

Well, many versions of these Nerd songs are rolling in internet. Following you’ll find a Playlist I made dedicated for the classic songs of the most used Numerical Computation Methods. A nerd list among the nerdiest things. Enjoy it!

Daniel Wedge is a Research Assistant of the University of Western Australia and he became a hit lately for his original compositions about Image Processing Methods and Algorithms:

The RANSAC song – Daniel Wedge (Original Composition):

The Fundamental Matrix song – Daniel Wedge (Original Composition):

The number e song – Daniel Wedge (Original Composition):

But let’s enter to a more “jazzy” area and allow me to do so with the SVD song!

It had to be U (The SVD song)Michael Greenacre, Gurdeep Stephens and Lisa Olive (Original by Gus Kahn and Isham Jones):

I have to recognize that the original version and many successive are very cheerful and full of joy, tho I still like the “nerd” version, where the sound has a simpler structure and more romantic feeling:

It don’t mean a thing (if you don’t do modelling) – Michael Greenacre and Gurdeep Stephens (Original by Duke Ellington)

One of my favorites of Duke Ellington, mainly because the particular sound of Taft Jordan’s voice. “It don’t mean a thing” has a classy “Dandy” tune that gives me a great mood to dance. The original with Duke’s Orchestra is nowadays a worldwide classic. This nerd version has a good sound but it would be very nice to perform it with the Orchestra, you know, just to have that classic sound back.

CARME on my mind – Michael Greenacre and Yuna Blum (Original by Ray Charles)

I still like the original better (Georgia on my mind), but I have to recognize that Prof. Greenacre is doing a very good job with his versions. CARME, by the way, is the acronym of Correspondence Analysis and Related Methods.

Mean, Median and Mode – Math Upgrade online (Original Composition)

Nothing new or special but here is a short explanation of the three concepts that might confuse some people. Sounds nice!

And finally, the great Jack Black and one of his jams for the film “School of Rock”. Educational and funny as usual:

And there are plenty more nerd songs. I personally prefer the jazzy ones but internet satisfies all types of likes.

Now I have this feeling of composing something… let’s see, let’s see

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