Ánimas Trujano

Many times people think that I’m Asian, even some japanese friends thought that I had some asian parent. I’m not, and I’m not offended when they tell me such thing. It just amuses me ans surprises me, as I don’t have any asian heritage. However, it may be very common that the same thing happens to more Mexicans, as most of us look like me. I’m very average in Mexico.

The thing is that, considering this average looking of Mexicans, some Asians could also be taken as Mexicans, and it has happened in many important ways. Do you know Toshiro Mifune? Yes, the amazing japanese actor, very well-known because of his Samurai performances in the golden age of the cinema in the middle of the XX century.

Well, Toshiro Mifune also had a great performance as a Mexican peasant. What? Yes, he did it, and he fooled us. The first time I saw the movie “Ánimas Trujano” I thought he was Mexican. When I asked for the name of the actor to some relatives, they couldn’t identify him. Toshi… what? Toshiro Mifune, a name that arrives to Mexico to perform just once, but he did it so good, that we Mexicans believed him. Such a great actor!

Following is a piece of his performance in the film:

In the Mexico of the XIX it was a tradition in the small towns, that one man will pay all the expenses to celebrate the Patron Saint of the town. This celebration would take place once a year during three days, and this person should pay everything for everyone in the town. Certainly a bad financial movement, but this person, the “Mayordomo”, would become the most important person in the town during these days, as he shows his power, influence, courtesy and benevolence among the population of the community. Thus making him the most important and admired guy in the town.

Ánimas Trujano (Toshiro Mifune) is a greedy, drunk and surly man that wants to become the Mayordomo of the town. He doesn’t have any penny and when he does, he uses it to gamble, drink and meet with prostitutes. But his wish of being a Mayordomo is so big that he will do whatever it takes to become one. Even putting his own family on risk is acceptable as long as he can have what he wants.

Nominated to the Oscars, Ariels and Golden Globes, this is a dramatic story of egocentric desires and uncontrollable outbursts. Ánimas Trujano is a glimpse to the “Macho” society of the XIX that truly survives even now. Directed by the acclaimed director Ismael Rodriguez (a Master of classics), it stars of course Toshiro Mifune, Columba Domínguez (Diva!) and Antonio Aguilar (Charrazo!).

Definitely a must see:

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