And the slam you gave me?

Well, this video sadly and in a fun way reminded me of the Mexican moms. Yes, most of them are like that, they don’t accept mistakes and blame some one for something. No regrets.

The original video is “¿Y el putazo que me diste?” (without the exclamation signs) and I couldn’t find a proper word for “putazo”. Putazo is used as a synonym for a hit, a punch, a slam… a collision in general. But it is a vulgar word used merely in the angriest or rude moments. We will see such examples like that in a future section I’m about to create.

As I mentioned, this is a classical example of an average Mexican mom and her, in some cases, indifferent treatment to her family, but in this case, the mother here does it in a fun way blaming the kid after she slammed his head and the guy filming notices it. Also the mom tries to laugh when her “puteado” (slammed) son makes her realize that she was caring about shit, but returns to her initial proudly anger. But stop describing what’s going on, just watch the video. If you can speak Spanish you’ll find it even funnier; or else, I put the transcription in English after the video, so you can know precisely what they are saying:

– Mom: Put it over the place, where the Saints are.
– Son: Unintelligible but I think is something like “again!
– Mom: They are going to fall down.
The doors slam against the kid’s head and the Christmas ornaments fall and break.
– Son: Ouch, assho…!!
– Mom: Oh! What did I tell you? You already broke them.
The guy in the camera starts to laugh.
–  Mom: I’m telling you “they’re gonna fall” and it is because they fall!
– Son: And the slam you gave me?
– Mom: So that’s why!
– Son: Aha!
– Mom: I’m telling you!
– Cameraman: Good thing that I…


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